About Us

Court Street United Methodist Church serves north Scranton, Pennsylvania. The church hosts Sunday services at 9:00 am.

Court Street United Methodist Church was built in 1891, originally named Court Street Methodist Church. In 1968 the General Conference of the Methodist Episocpal Churches, united with the Evangelical United Brethern Curches. From that point forward, the denomination becomes known as United Methodist. Thus, today, we are the Court Street United Methodist Church

In the early 1900’s, a Christmas party was in session for our Sunday school children. Outside, on the hill a group of boys were playing. A teacher went out and invited the boys into the party. That day, when the party was over, as the children were leaving, each of them were presented with a box of chocolates and an orange. One of those boys was Simon Ward. 

Later in life, Simon became a very prosperous businessman in the city, he arranged for every child in our church to receive a box of chocolates and an orange at Christmas time. To present day, this tradition continues to be observed. Furthermore, when Simon Ward died, it was revealed in his will that our church was a benefactor of good sum. It was invested and is known as the Simon Ward Youth Fund. The will stipulates that the fund be used only for the children of the church and its established choirs. Sunday school supplies, new choir robes, Sky Lake camperships and so forth have been provided to the children by this fund.In recent years the fund has been able to provide assistance to college-bound students too.